Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun Activities To Help Build Relationships


Here is some fun activities to help us build relationships in our family for you and me :

  • Make Sundays Pancake Day for breakfast – kids look forward to a special family event that happens every week.
  • Together plan a list of things you want to do as a family and put them in the diary. These dates are then not-negotiable – don’t make something else more important.
  • Have a regular date with each child. Years ago a seminar speaker told us how he took each of his six children on dates – alone to a place of their choice (with a budget). This one-on-one time once a month has been magical.
  • Family Rituals – think some up, that are unique to your family. Little things like high fives at certain times, the way you always have a big hug the very first thing you do when you see each other after school/work; every Friday go out for dinner and some habits that are just yours.
  • Create a family Vision Board – we can all plan our future together. A Vision Board is a collection of pictures and special words about things that you would like for your family. A terrific fun project is Jack Canfield's "Dream Big Collection" for kids
  • Have a set routine for dinner, bath, teeth, story and bed – or the like. Remember kids thrive on routine
  • Celebrate milestones, both large and small.
  • Make a Family Calendar and write in some great events
Don't move too far from your family. Keep them rite into your heart ;)

Kanda, I miss the moment when you woke me up and pray together - ask for the forgiveness from ALLAH and happiness

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  1. salam, very interesting and useful tips..thx for sharing pija :-)


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