Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learn From Others


Have you seen Nanny 911 & Supernanny? Maybe I'm a bit late to talk about this when Littlemama wrote about this reality show in this link. After read that entry, I started to search this show in Youtube. One by one mistake that I made in my real life has been revealed. Do you still remember the last time you yelled, shouted and punished your children becaused they misbehaved?

Well, to me, I forgot the last day that I never shout at my kids..wahahaha. But actually there is nothing wrong with that but if it's done too often, it could really hurt them while this won't make them listen to me. Boy, I was so wrong and I wish I knew what I know now! The Nanny has told me there are better ways to deal with the kids.
  • Family routines are very important. It sounds simplistic but regular bedtimes and mealtimes are crucial. Kids will be much more comfortable and show less anxiety if they know exactly what to expect. Try to keep a consistent, but flexible, daily routine.
  • Pray together, eat together. This will be a great time for conversation and sharing your day and a great time for teaching them what you know and believe
  • TV. No meals with the TV on - they always like to eat whats inside the TV. No TV after dinner - maybe that is the best time to do homework or study.
  • Sleep. One emerging problem with a lot of children is that they are simply not getting enough sleep. Here is another place where routine contributes to good habits or else they are not only obtrusive during the adult time, but they get over-excited and don’t handle the next day well.
  • Variety. Plan lots of different activities with family - some quiet and some physical. Then lots of rest. Do not over-scheduled them.
  • Create reasonable and fair rules for certain activities and behaviors in your family – with consequences that the children understand. Stick to them, they feel more secure when they know you can be relied upon.
  • When you get angry, stay calm to avoid complicating the situation. Try to separate yourself from the current situation by just walk away. It's best not to say or do anything as most of the time you'll end up regretting them.
Well, I guess we will learn more from Supernanny.com. Oh, how I wish we will have this reality show in Malaysia!


  1. menarik!

    Kami sekeluarga adalah buat rules sikit2x bagi displinkan anak2x.Meh saya kongsikan.

    Bgn tido tak kira pukul berapa pun,must terus ke toilet mandi.Then bfast.

    Lunch tak berapa ikut rule sgt but mesti duduk elok2x,baca doa and lepas mkn sila hantar pinggan dalam sinki.... :)

    magrib yg paling crucial.If possible saya mandikan anak2x b4 jam 7.Tv mmg tak on waktu magrib.Kami pasang zikir or quran dari komputer.Lepas mandi diorang dah tau tugas dah which is bentang sejadah.

    Magrib berjemaah ni satu-satunya yg kami bleh maintain setiap hari.Lepas tu ngaji.lepas tu dinner.

    So far alhamdulillah...saya hanya selalu 'terjerit' bila kakaknya membelasah adiknya shj..dan juga sebaliknya.

    Lain2x hal saya selalu diingatkan oleh suami kurangkan guna perkataan JANGAN,kurangkan shout or marah teruk2x kecuali kesalahan teruk giler mcm sengaja pijak buku(yg ni mmg saya pantang betul) etc.

    the rest kenalah selalu ingat kita nilah yg mencorakkan anak2x jadi macam mana.If anak2x make mistakes put the blame on ourself dulu sblm marah anak2x.And selalulah lihat kebaikan anak2x drpd kesalahan yg dia buat.Be +ve.

  2. hi pija...
    izan baru terfikir nak buat n3 nanny 911 ni, sbb baru tgk dlm tv last night. seram je tgk gelagat anak2 org yg super nakal kat sana. then di psiko balik oleh nanny tu semua...

  3. Hanis, wahh..nice sharing ;)

    Izan, hagak2 lah...bertahan lama tak ek...rasanya dalam family benda yg plg penting adelah disiplin..kalau parents yg mula2 langgar disiplin maka anaklah yg jadi pengikut paling setia...mcm tulah sebaliknya


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