Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soup - Quick Meal Ideas


Maybe some of you have heard about me being a full time housewife. Taking care of my 5 kids push me to simplify everything to maximize my quality time with the kids. Soon, after school holiday over, the three Asmaa' Usamah & Uwaiys will again in a PASTI but now in Pasir Putih, Kelantan. In P.Buntar, we have to pay RM 100/mth/kid but now we only pay RM 60 for 3 of them which make their mother tepuk tangan sambil sebut "Hip hip horray!!"

Mmm...U ask me why I use English this time? Yeah...even this will be the broken one but still I want to practise. The more I write in English, the more I can get idea to speaking London with my kids (maybe... :P).

**Owh, would like to tell you all, I'm not an MBP Contributor anymore due to my hampeh performance...the decision is good to me and MBP I guess and I'm neither happy nor sad with this thing :)

Talking about making meal, actually I'm not the good one to explain about this b'cos I'm not a good cook but I still have my admirer at home. I'm here just to give idea and then its up to you to make it better. Plus, please if you have a better idea, share it with me as I knew that all off you are more otai compare to me :P

Beef & Vegetable Soup
Brown some meat & onion in a little butter or olive oil. Once the meat is completely cooked, add any vege that we like such as tomato (I choose tomato the most) and stew them. Dont bother the quantity and just throw the meal altogether plus the salt and we'll have a hearty soup.

Chicken & Rice Soup
Bring some chicken broth to a boil & add a handful of leftover rice. When the rice is almost done add carrots and some cooked chicken - if you have some leftover from eating roast chicken one night that would be great! You can easily adapt this for chicken noodle soup by using any kind of noodle you prefer instead of the rice.

I always use this simple recipe when I get attacked with my 'malas' mood. I'll combine fish or chicken or anything with vege in one dish. And when my 'malas nak mampos' mood come, I'll goreng all of them with rice in one dish and soon my husband will complain, "Ala..umi, kita dah tua, kurangkanla makanan bergoreng.." huhuhu... I know, I'm not a good cook when it comes to nasik goreng :P

So, what is your campak-campak dish that you would like to suggest to me??

*My kids always prefer the kuah2 one. Unlike my husband, he can eat nasik with ikan goreng sampai licin satu pinggan...

Hepp...bace je ke?? Tinggal2 la komen, umi nk belajar masak tu...


  1. salam pija, soups are easy to make and the good news is, kids love them! interesting recipes u hv there...unfortunately mine is more or less the same as yours.keep on practising writing in the saying goes, Practise make Perfect! :-)

  2. akak kalo buat n3 dlm bahasa inggeris, sah2 kengkwn tak baca, berterabur hampehhhh...boleh rosak bahasa dibuatnya, sahih kowang semua gelak tahap gaban

  3. fish soup aka ikan singgang

  4. pregnant kali ni, saya cukup mls masak. puncanya sbb bleeding aritu la.
    tapi bila kenangkan senangnya nak buat sup simple mcm ni, rasa bodonya aku spend mkn kat luar :P

  5. Boolatnye mate Ahmadi....untie pon x pandai masak...hehehe...

  6. kalon, sometimes we are paying so much juz to buy a good food which we actually can cook it better, and more delicious rite??sebab air tangan kita..hehehhehe ;p but when the disease of Mr. M (Mim.Alif.Lam.Sin)dah mai..(oopss..tetiba tercakap utagha)...sendiri mau ingat lah

  7. kak pija,
    i'm a working mom n have to travel as early as 6 am from sban to ptrjaya everyday
    i have to prepare packed lunch for my 1 yr old son to his nanny
    and when i caught a blues mood(مالس)
    i just bring ground oats to boil and campak a handful of mixed fruits/raisins+dates/vege+sliced chicken
    and i found he prefer that kind of meal more than nasi..
    sonang kojo den...
    he he

  8. lawak la pija nie.. tapi soup tu pun okay dah, kadang masak pasta goreng, campur jea semua.. sama juga macam xana, quaker oat plus mixed vege/chic etc


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