Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun Activities To Promote Optimism


Here are some examples of activity that can we do with our kids in making them a think-positive person :

  • Create some affirmations together and pin them around the house. Start with : ‘Think Big’ and “You can Be, Do and Have Anything You Want’
  • Every so often stick a yellow posit note on their door or mirror saying something positive about your child
  • Create a Happiness Box. First decorate a cardboard box with pictures. On colored note cards he can write down happy memories he recalls. He can keep them in the box, and add to them at happy moments. He can also include photos, a ticket to the ball game, travel brochures of a great holiday place he you all went to or pictures of the Theme Park rides he had. On days when he needs a lift remind him to look inside the box and to tell you about some of the items.
  • Place a Chart or Notice on the fridge which you have personalized for your child. Every now and then, when she is not around, write something really good about the great things she has said or done, that you have noticed about her.
  • One mother, plays the ‘personality game with her kids: “I have 6 yr. old twins who love to play the personality game e.g. What are 5 things you like about yourself? What 5 things are you good at? What 5 things would you like to improve upon? etc. We play this in the car, at restaurants and anywhere there is time. These are great positive affirmations when they come from them.”
  • Plan exciting events together to look forward to and focus on excitement and anticipation till the time arrives
  • Say only positive things for a day
  • Around the dinner table all say five things you like about each person, or tell everyone good things about each other


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