Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tidy Up the House in 30 Minutes


Imagine this... you have 4 kids 6-2 years old. They still don't understand what is tidy and what is mess. They like to play around with things in the house. Plus, if their mother take a nap, they will throw everything upside down. Suddenly, their mother get a phone call and somebody is coming in less than 1 hour. When their mother look around, she found that her beautiful house turn to 'tongkang karam' or even worse. Then...............yeah!! The Tarzan voice will take place LOL!!!

Hihi....that is a part of my life drama. But still, I love to have guest. I love when they come and visit me, it is like there is still somebody remember me. Most of the time, I will tell my kids that is somebody will come and they know what to do. They will start with the floor. Everything on the floor need to be picked up.

Then, they start to arrange all the 'toto' and pillow and close all the door. Huhu...they have to cover if their mother do not sweep the floor on that day. Then, Asmaa' will find 'tudung' for Arwa and herself. Actually my kids always excited have guest. They are just like me. I have no worry to accept anybody to come to my house as long as we know each other.

Tidy up the house in 3 minutes is actually not real to me unlesss the mess is not too much. I need at least 30 minutes if I am alone. But if my anakanda is around, they will be my victim.

  • Start with the messiest place - look around and identify the area that need the most attention to be tidied up. Tackle them first. Just in case our guests arrive early, the messiest place is spotless. And yeah...don't forget to tidy up the entrance so that our house looks clean and welcoming too.
  • Remove All Clutter - I love to use a big box and then got through all the rooms. Then I'll take everything that do not belong to that room. Put them all in but don't waste time putting them back in place.
  • Change What Needs Changing - sheets, tableclothes, cushion covers, towels that may be dirty should be replace with fresh linen. Replace old newspapers with magazines. If you have fresh flowers, simply fill vases with it
  • Do a quick check - after all, take a quick tour and do the last touch up especially the dusty surfaces that may be visible and run a quick cloth over them.
Well, this is not a real protocol. You are the one who knows your house better. I always come to my husband's relative and I found most of their living house is covered with curtain so that we can't see another room from there. This maybe practical if our guest come just to say hi but if your mother in law is coming, we still have to clean all the space.


  1. haha kak, umh sy pun mcm tongkang pecah kak.. humayrah suke buat onar. penah kwn sy call bgtau dia ade kat bwh apartment. tekejut berok la.nk soh humayrah tlg kemas xreti lagi. last2 " korang tggu jap bley x.kang aku call baru korag naik atas eh " hehehe

  2. rumah ena pun mcm kapal karam dengan barang mainan umairah yg bersepah-sepah di serata rumah


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