Sunday, January 24, 2010

How Do I Handle My Toddler's Tantrum


It is quite embarassing when some of my blogging friend called me (now I'm running a cloth diapers online shop) and they heard my child screaming, crying whatsoever. If they can see they will find my ear is red enough (my skin is I won't get blushing ha ha...). Well, that is what we call kids. They only think that everything is about them and how they feel until they are taught how to share.

Well actually worrying about what others think during this situation is simply going to stress us and make us feel worse. Kids won't have their tantrum once in their life so, how will we as a parent can cope with it? Plus if you are a WAHM, you will face this almost all the time!! So, we have to share how we handle their tantrum. I start first okeh!!

  • Ignore - hihi..what a 'pekak badak' mum my kids have. I'll first ignore their tantrum if they ask for something I can't give. Let say they want to eat junk food that was shown on the TV (urgghh...I hate TV for this), I'll first say, "No darling, I will not buy that for you. It is not good for you and got ulat inside." If they understand, so OKlah but what if they don't? They will start squirming on the floor screaming for that ulat things! Then I'll continue to say, "No..never..cannot...bla bla" and lastly they will get the hint and finally stop screaming. Pheww...but this please don't use this tactic in public, people will say, "What a pekak mummy that the kids have!!!" :P
  • Avoid instant gratification - I will definitely say no to something that not good to them. Even they throw their tantrum when they are denied, I will simply tell them 'no' and keep moving. Some parents give in to keep their child quiet but this will only make they understand that tantrum will change from 'no' to 'yes'.
  • Don't get angry - ops this is not my prime technique. I am the one who easily get angry :P. But I really study my kids situation, every time they scream and later my loud speaker voice comes out, the situation will be out of control wildly. I'll end up crying (this make my husband want to find a maid for me). But I always see my husband use the same calm voice when they are behaving and it is magically effective. Owh, he teach me how to cool down, I have to take a deep breath and selawat before I console them.
  • Don't forget their nap and eating time - they will get punchy when they get tired and hungry. So, this is a big thing to take care off.
  • Be consistent in your punishment - to the mistake that they do at the public and at home, to the things that you always say no but they still want it. This is why we have to control our temper so that when we get angry, it will be the same in the house or in public.
  • Praise them when they behave well - kids will behave badly just to get some attention. Don't wait until they show their tantrum just to get your attention. When they behave well, thanks, clap, hug and praise them. You'll find positive reinforcement is better than negative. They will find that is no need to scream or do anything bad just to get our attention.
So, how did you handle your kids??


  1. kdg2 qay buat taktahu smpi dia snyap sndri..kdg2 try to distract dia dgn sumtg else atau buat lawak2 mcm ala buruknye muka budak nangis..tak comel, tak hnsem..

    kdg2 qay trus buka video dlm hp yang tnjuk dia tantrum..biasanya dia akan snyap sndri sb tgok gmbr dia nanagis..kdg2 dia siap ttp muka tnda malu sb dia tantrum..hihi

    tapi mmg btul parents kn sabar..kalo parents makin naik suara anak makin ngamuks....

  2. bab2 ni my MIL mmg pakar..

    dia kata kena pandai psikologi,guna akai..hukhukk..

    sbelum anak2 dia nangis (mase kecik2 dulu,contohnye hubby sy sndiri) dia akn sediakn sesedianya apa yg patut . bg mkn,salin lmpin,mandi n what so everlah so budak2 x de sebab nk ngamuk.hmm..sounds easy rite ? depends gak budak2nye cmne..

  3. kalau ada astro rajin2 la bukak saluran 106 OASIS. setiap 1 jam o 1/2 jam sebelum azan ada zikir2...bagus untuk halwa telinga anak2...

  4. Qay, hhi...akak pun sll tunjuk gambo dia nangis...huhu...mujur ada teknologi

    Hanie, betul2, tapi nk lengkapkan keperluan anak itulah sll terkehel...huhu

    Deemi Ammar, apsal sula lama talak hapdet itu blog?? kami kat umah takde astro....kalau di rumah mak sll aaa dengar..

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