Monday, January 04, 2010

The Customer Is Sometimes Rude

This is my entry for Mom Bloggers Planet
Owh, feel like a very long time since my last entry here. I am now 34 weeks and 40 days to go!! Only moms will understand me…huhuhuhu…
Business is not all fun and games. If you are running your own business, you absolutely must have a thick skin. Being easily hurt or upset isn't going to get you anywhere. Serious and it is even more serious than Wonderpet’s problem. Customers and business owners are going to have opinions. No matter if it's on your website, your products, or your method of marketing. Some comments may be constructive critisism, others may be down right rude. Regardless, fighting back is NEVER going to look good on your part.
In 2007, I did the business online as a part time. I always use Poslaju Malaysia due to the cheap cost. I’ve never charge the delivery cost to my customer and that is the main reason why I choosed Poslaju Malaysia. Luckily, all my customer understand the service weakness but as long as the delivery cost is free and sooner or later they will get the thing, they were happy.
But it is not that easy to one of my customer. Actually I posted her order on the day she pay me and I did give him the track number. But it is Saturday and I guess by Tuesday she’ll get her order. But I was wrong, it is public holiday in Selangor on Tuesday. Even worse, I forgot to follow up her by phone as she didn’t open her YM. By Friday, her husband sent me a message that clearly stated that I cheated his wife!
By the way, I actually try really hard to find her order. Her wife always ask me about that and I feel like she is really my friend as we have talk to each other almost every day 2-3 weeks before that. Plus, I gave her a big discount as I feel like she is a good friend to me. But after I received that message, I ask him his account number.
I return RM 25, the same amount as she banked in to me. Well, actually my profit on that product is only RM 3. I called Poslaju’s customer service and they tell me that their staff was sick and after that the van that they use also sick!!! Waaaa…I feel like urrrgghh…I cannot tell. It is very disappointed when we are hoping for the best.
I make a big decision after that. Every order must plus RM 8 for another express delivery. Owh, and I refused to have this customer payment but I told her that it was not me who cheat her. I gave her the track number and she must understand that I’ve done my best. She asked me for apologized and I don’t wanna make that issue bigger and bigger.
So guys, how to cope with a rude customer?
  • It will never help to yell back or make rude comments. Stay professional and try to provide the best possible customer service despite their rudeness. Listen to what they say and try to resolve the problem.
  • Stay calm. If you react it will only make them more angry and give them the encouragement to continue.
  • Don’t take it personally. I know this is really hard but at least don’t talk about this to other especially in your own blog!!!
Granted there are always going to be those who will never buy, but that still doesn't mean you should be rude back to them. Word travels regardless of who they are, and your business is going to be hurt. Always keep in mind that bad news travels at least twice as fast as good news.
Bottom line - the next time you feel someone is being rude, grit your teeth and smile (owh..I always did this – really like a kerang bucuk!!). Getting down to their level never helps. Besides, don't forget, you never know who's watching. You're a business owner and your reputation is on the line.


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    most business survival mmg depends on word of mouth. 1 bad story can send u crippled. apa buleh buat, salahkan org yg mulakan concept customer is always right.

    about customer being rude, apa boleh buat. memacam manusia kat dunia ni & amazingly ramai suka jump the gun. bukan nak kaji selidik dulu. tak pun nak bertanye & clarify dulu. cant really blame them gak coz dunia zaman sekarang ni yg buat diorang jd gitu. byk sgt penipu & berotak criminal. sayangnya tiada budi bicara nak fid the truth dulu, tau tau nak pikir worse case scenario aje.

  2. 1 dalam seratus, may be dalam setibu, atau 100,000

    apapun itulah adat berniaga, kena sabar, pahir maung dalam bisnes membuatkan seseorang lebih matang

    labih byk kegagalan, lebih banyak kematangan

    hanya lihat dari sudut hikmah dan pengajaran

    yang perit itu andaikan spt toksin badan yang perlu dibuang

  3. kite pun sama, bisnes tak besar mane pun, tapi pernah jugaklah jadi macam mane, me like you also, i jaranggg giler charge for delivery unless sabah sarawak itupun suruh tambah rm2 rm3 jer.. but yes,, mane ade bisness smooth je kan.. so kire bisnes matangkan kite jugak...

  4. x pe kak..itulah lumrah meniaga.. memang ada je customer yg jenis rude.. yg tk sabar2 yg ngada2.. yg menipu dah bank in duit..macam2 karenah.. ni kita di alam maya.. yg depan2 mata pun ade je yg tipu g amik tag harga lian letak kat barang lain.. macam2 customer ni..apa pun always believe Allah di pihak yg benar...

    itu je lah pengubat kalau geram sgt..

    saya pun penah kena hentam ngn customer sedgkan time tu saya tgh pantang.. mane depa tahu dn kesah kan?

    itu la pglaman


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