Friday, March 26, 2010

Having Kids At Home Is A Joy


Hey, anybody miss me? I miss MBP for a month and have to strive to read all the articles that I missed. My cute Ahmadi was born on 8th February at Pasir Putih, Kelantan. I spent almost 4 night there before we get this 3.3kg baby boy. But a lot of things I learnt there and being there made me understand my mother's job.

I've heard about one of my blogger friend who quit from her job and be a working at home mum by doing online business. It is definitely the hardest decision she made because once she sent resign letter, her bos offered to increase her salary plus a flexible work schedule. Owh, if it is me, it is a very big offer because I still have time to do my part time job without worrying about my sale while I still have my fixed salary.

But another issue come, "Pija, my house is like a kapal karam!". Before this she used to send her son to nursery and at home, the boy will sleep from Maghrib until morning. What a heaven!! But I know, even her house to a real tongkang pecah, we are still happy because having them at home. Do you agree about this.

Yes, some of the time I will think that when all the kids are grown up, then I can finally have a clean house and I can get back to read my novel and magazine collection peacefully. See, "clean house" vision has a powerful appeal. In fact when I get obsessive about tidiness, I will organize all my cloth, book and everything by alphabet or maybe by color. If I had any time to do this and if any system I set up didn't get wiped out in about five minutes as a horde of kids comes storming through!

In previous years, when Asmaa', Usamah and Uwaiys are still at home playing around, I would console my self by thinking that someday, when the kids grew up and go to school, I'd finally be able to indulge my neat side but now the "someday" day that I wish come true but another thought has occured to me.

Is it really good to have neat and tidy house without anyone in it? Ahmadi always in his sleep and Arwa always ask where is her abang and kakak. Arwa alone will not make any mess because she is a really smart girl who always has a book or else she only hold a piece of bun or biscuit in her hand. Thats why I always wish that 8 am to 3 pm moves fast. It's a part of our lives that will never come again.

Yes, if there were no kids, there would be no mess. But if there were no kids, there would be no :
  • Happy little faces full of smiles to cheer our down day
  • Special moments to pass on stories and beliefs that mean so much to us
  • Constant interruption with hugs and questions
  • "Aha!" look when we help them to draw bird or duck while they can't do that themself
The kids keep me young and even they make my older brain cells jumping! They give us something to think about beside ourselves. Plus, their little trials and tribulations help put yours in perspective.
I've decided I'm not that anxious to get rid of the mess, if it means saying goodbye to my kids. An empty nest is a clean nest, but it's still empty. So we'll just keep cramming way too much creativity into way too little space. After all, these are the best years of my life.
Deciding to be a Working At Home Mum without kids at home is not a joy. Believe me!
*But don't let your house in mess - teach them how to tidy up the house together and this will be more exciting moment that you will miss soon.
Hey cute!! Can't wait for you to join us tidy up our house :P


  1. cute ank hang pija weyyy!

    camana dgn lima?
    mahu tambah berapa lagi? hehehe

  2. comeyyyyyyyyyy nyo ahmadi...geget kang..putih sepoooo

  3. aduhai comelnya..nak geget pipi pink tu :)

    lepas ni, kena tukar banner belog lagi laa..hehehe

  4. Masha Allah.. Tabarakallah!!
    So cute Ahmadi!! :)

  5. Ahmadi yg super duper cute!!!

  6. Anonymous11:20 AM

    sweet & serene aje wajah dia..

  7. it's true. A tidy house without any kids running around is actually a soulless house. When there are some kids, there's always be some mess.

  8. putih melepak la anak akak :D

    cute kan? agak2 ahmadi ke ahmadinejad lg encem nnt?
    5?? sehingga menjilat jari you!!

    Yatie..bilo nk tubik hok mata sepet mace jepun tu? baby SN dah siap sedia tu nak ada adik

    elissmie..tu ah kene tukar itu gambar

    UM, alhamdulillah...penyejuk mata

    Izan, agak2 nurun umi dia tak?? :P

    Mamamiya, moga kelakuan dia juga menenangkan nntnya

    K.nur, btl k.nur...we have to choose either one

    zh-ena, yg putih tu tak menurun akak :P

  10. comeyyy mcm muka umi nya..

    rumah selerak tak per.. asal bersih... berselerak sbb mainan & brg2 yg anak2 punggah satu rumah... ;)
    tp kdg2 bila angin kus-kus mari.. rasa nak menjerit gak tgk keadaan yg lintang pukang.... LOL..!!

    kakyong sungguh salute dgn ibu2 yg anak2 kecil tp rumah masih berhias bagai.. rumah kakyong, usah le.. baru nak letak bunga.. tak sampai 5 minit dah xde ruper bunga...

  11. kakyong, itu ada lah kerana anak2 kita bukan mat atau minah bunga :P

  12. Hencem lah... hidung mancung sungguh... pas ni kena ganti banner lg ler...

  13. Hencem lah... hidung mancung sungguh... pas ni kena ganti banner lg ler...


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