Thursday, April 01, 2010

Family Education


Entry ini adalah untuk berkongsi dengan kalian satu lagi laman web yang bermanfaat untuk panduan ibubapa. Saya bukanlah kata tidak ada laman web yang lebih Islamik tetapi ada masanya, kajian2 yang berbentuk saintifik juga patut kita ambil tahu. Dari situ barulah kita cuba satukan keduanya. Menambah pengetahuan tanpa mencicirkan keimanan.
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Your Child, Ages 0-6
Our Ages 0-6 newsletter will provide advice on development and early learning, suggestions for parent-approved entertainment, and tips for handling the many life issues encountered in raising your young child.
Babies and Toddlers
Grade 1
Arts & Crafts
Toy Guide
Your Child, Ages 7-11
Our Ages 7-11 newsletter will offer advice and information to help your child reach his or her potential. You'll get great ideas for keeping your child — and the entire family — entertained, as well as advice, techniques, and resources for all the other issues that you deal with day to day.
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Your Child, Ages 12-18
The Ages 12-18 newsletter will advise you on helping your preteen or teen get the most out of school, provide resources on SAT scores and college applications, offer tips for talking about tough subjects, and give you suggestions for having fun as a family.
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High School
College Prep
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Sports and Fitness
The LD/ADHD newsletter will provide resources to assist your child in reaching his goals and excelling in school — as well as in life! You will also find fun and entertaining family activities that can strengthen your child's reading, math, fine/gross motor, social, and communication skills.
What's a Learning Disability?
LD: An Age-by-Age Guide
Special Education and the Law
What's ADHD?
Learning Tools for Kids with LD
ADHD and Medications
Special Offers for Parents
There are tons of great offers to be found on the Web, if you know where to look. It's even better when they come to you! This newsletter provides excellent product deals, hot tips, and information essential to every parent. These great parenting offers are sure to save you time and money, as well as introduce you to great new websites and products.
Family Fun
Our Family Fun newsletter provides entertaining ideas and resources for kids of all ages, like indoor and outdoor activities, games, arts and crafts, holiday celebration ideas, and more. You'll also find descriptions and ratings of current movies to guide you in choosing appropriate family fare.
Family Entertainment Center
Sunny Day Activities
Arts and Crafts
Content Guide to Current Movies
Books on the Run
More Family Fun Ideas
Healthy Moms, Healthy Families
Our Healthy Moms, Healthy Families newsletter offers expert advice and resources to keep the entire family happy, healthy, and well-fed. You'll find information on eating well, staying fit, and handling everyday health concerns -- including recipes, exercise tips, and helpful remedies.
Sports and Fitness
Sports and Fitness for Elementary-School Kids
Nutrition for Babies and Toddlers
Teen Health
Limiting Stress
Nutrition and Diet
Sports and Fitness for Middle and High Schoolers
Pregnancy, Babies, & Toddlers
The Pregnancy, Babies, & Toddlers newsletter offers advice and information to help you every step along the way from pregnancy through birth, parenting your new baby, and raising a toddler. Learn how to have a healthy pregnancy, find breastfeeding advice, and explore activities that stimulate babies and toddlers. You'll also find helpful tips from parents on sleep, potty training, travel, and more.
Pregnancy and Postpartum Health
New Mom Survival Strategies
Babies and Toddlers
Nutrition for Babies and Toddlers
Health for Babies and Toddlers
Printable Worksheets & Activities for Families
Our Printable Worksheets & Activities for Families newsletter provides a variety of age-specific, theme-based printables: arts and craft projects, coloring pages,
skill-builders, puzzles, seasonal activities, and more!
Most Popular
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