Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sort Toys By Type


It has been 2 months we stay in Pasir Putih. Now, the kids has a big container of toys. That wasn't a new toy but we bought them at bundle shop. All of these toys cost about +/- RM 50 only :)

Before this we put all of them in a container but my husband ask me, why didn't we sort them by categories? So, we can put them in a plastic bag (I'll try to sew a bag later). I put all of the toys in 6 plastic. So, every day they can ask me to play one bag per day only.

Now I can conclude that :
  • Our house won't be tongkang karam anymore
  • The kids now have to plan what to play
  • The kids can search their toys easier
  • Guest won't have chances to 'lambak' all of the toys anymore
At first, Asmaa' said : Umi, tu gantung tinggi2 mainan tu mesti taknak kasi kakak main :P
Owh, you don't understand Asmaa'. Umi is a bit disappointed looking at our small house full of your small toys. But it is good when she said that. Now, every time they ask me one of the bag, straight away I'll remember what Asmaa' said. I don't want to be a 'kedekut' umi even most of the time I really want to say NO :p 

*Thanx to ALLAH my dear kids. Even we only have the bundle toys, but we still can afford it while some of your friends don't have any toys in their house. 


  1. Suka ayat akak yang last sekali.
    Selalu ckp camtu gak kt anak sy sbb sy pun beli brg mainan 2ndhand online.

  2. bestnya anak pija ada banyak mainan. kami pun kat umah dah tak beli mainan sangat....sbbnya malas nak kemas...huhu....

  3. siti, kak ina nak tanya siti beli bundle toys tu kat mana boleh bagi tau tempat dia tak... kak ina nak beli untuk anak kak ina...

  4. xana, sekenhen pun sekenhen lah...dari takde baik ade kan...kalau tak cian budak

    izan, abah diorang lah semenjak dok sini rajin pulak beli mainan...rela lak tu tgu lori...

    k.ina, insya ALLAH nnt bila lapang kami gi jengah


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