Sunday, July 04, 2010

Why Macik Pijah Didn't Join Any Contest Lately


1st of all I want to declare that this entry is 'tangkap-muat' punya entry. With no idea, no time, lots of other work to do plus UTI that make me really suffer and jealous to HOT Family for the prizes that she won. As you can see my last entry to join contest is Playground : Play-a-round.

I didn't delete the link because if I did that, later it will be hard for me to put any link at the bottom sidebar. I don't know why but if I want to add anything in my sidebar, I must put it on top. Yeah..After 5 years blogging still can't understand HTML code. :P

Back to the topic, actually I told Emmira that I didn't join any contest because my husband always bengang when his cute face I put on contest. Wakakaka.... He is so cute and funny also so I have a lot of his funny face collection. He said, "Kalau ada anak dara berkenan, abah tak tau :P"

Another point is I do not always with the camera. When I join contest, I always use my cikai camera and my Blueberry phone (Blueberry is not Blackberry hokehs!). Compare to others, seems like every one got their own DSLR (waaa...nak jugak)

And the main point is I want to put something useful in this blog other than contest. So that when you visit here, you can read my bebel rather than watching our kusam picture that won't bring luck to win :P

Really miss to join contest.....abg, please...senyum sikit :D Ai nak tangkap gambaq
And you also! Smile...I want to win contest again!


  1. lepas ni masuk yang amik cabutan bertuah ker, yang gambar anak2 ke.. kan kan, gambar cik abang kite simpan buat diary kite sendiri pulak.. ok tak??

  2. izan plak xpenah menang...lagi sedih...:(

  3. entry membebel pun best je baca :)


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