Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anythings Moms Can Do, Dads Must Be Can Do Better


This is my very new entry to MBP and I hope that I pick the right topic :P. Before I babble more on this topic, should I introduce myself because I guess not many from 'well known' blogger here remember or even heard about sitisifir10..sob sob...

My name is actually Norhafizah Madzlan and I got no Siti. I used 'sitisifir10' since 1998 and now it has been 10 years so that majority of the blogger call me 'Siti' :P. I'm an optometry graduated and now I have my own optometry shop. Please come to Parit Buntar if U want super discount from me hehehe.... I'll give U the family price for the specs.

So, where is the time to blog? He he.. So thats why I call myself, working at home mum. My shop is downstair and I live upstair. Well, there is a bit tired but I have to go up and down because my kids is always up there and I don't have any helper. I cook and do everything myself, of course my lovely hubby will help me manage everything for me but now he is busy with his new pet shop and the shop is only beside my shop.

Thats why I have time to blog if I am not sleeping. I have my own schedule eventhough I work by myself. I push myself to follow the schedule so that things I have to manage in the shop and in the house settled. I love this kind of life, I can do natural parenting and my kids will always be with us.

Yes...U can see most of the time I'm working. Thats why I have to schedule my rest time also. I teach my kids to respect our rest time. We have to teach them our rest time in their early age. So you don't have to be worry to be a WAHM. We really enjoy this and U also can!!! Here, I will share more tips on scheduling your working time. Insya ALLAH I try to post my entry once a week (will anybody out there read it?? huhuhu..)

Okeh...back to the topic. Anythings Moms Can Do, Dads Must Be Can Do Better. Well its really happened to my life. My husband was just cannot stop to say, "Macam mana ni umi dah nak beranak??". Right now I am 32 weeks pregnant and my baby inside seems to claw his way out. I really have no energy to do all the house job and my husband is getting nervous because he has to handle 5 kids and one wife (please say thanx to ALLAH that U only have me my dear :P ).

So, every time he sighing about the new journey that we will face in this February, I will obviously say, "Don't worry dad, we have the kids to help U." At the same time I have to ask him to do this and that so he can practise to be 'abah mithali' later...he he... Yeah! Sometime he just late (or should I use the word lazy??) to do what I ask but I just repeat my request.
The key is U must not raise your voice or don't show your temper. He will slowly do the job (maybe he has to take time to understand that he has to do that or else nobody will do the thing). Just give him enough time if you really want him to help you. Or maybe sometimes, you have to do it for them...huhu...but please, put more patient on this.
Slowly they will understand that our job as a mother in the house is really tiring. Soon, they will help you eventhough you don't ask for it. But please don't forget to apreciate them, maybe with a little lullaby before he get sleep with a simple dialog, "Olololo...letih ye, meh umi tepuk sampai lena."

Sometimes, they don't want us to praise them. But still you have to say thank you and it doesn't mean that U have to say the words 'thank you' but maybe by massaging his back, make a cup of Radix or maybe if you really want to praise them, just say to your child, "Huiiyyohhh...abah masak arini...sedap lak tuu." He he... this is just a natural way to appreciate what my husband did for me.

One more, if he did the things but you are not satisfied with it, please don't condemn him. He will not do that again if you dare to condemn them. So, what will you choose, he did the things and you have to correct it and tell them, "Abang, this is the correct way lah comel..." and they will impove later or you have to do the job alone for your whole life??


  1. i think my hubby knows how your hubby feels cause he was the one looking after the kids when i gave birth and during my confinement but he did a great job better then the mak bidan :D ( and he too cook for me during the confinement period ;D)
    Tell to your hubby , that we have confident he could do it . Chiayooo!!

  2. wahh really good job, I just can't imagine that u write this pija (hehe, y i call u k.siti u r younger than me hehe)

  3. Cybermummy, yeah...whether we have the confident or not, he still have to go through it...the amanah is still there...

    Alamak k.Wan, again...I feel like I 'tunjuk pandai' to the older and well managed blogger..haiiyya...many of them just found out that I am still budak kicik...huhuhu

  4. well done Pija...
    The dad is quite nervous haha.. but he will managed it... just do it one by one :>

  5. nadnye...4 is big enough actually but I don't know what actually he is worrying for..maybe this is the first time we don't have anybody else during my confinement period


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