Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Have you heard about 1Superkids? Here we go...


This is ours because this site is specially tailored for you and me. Please make yourself at home, share your views, write comments and write your own entries!

Take your walk through 1Super Kids, sign up and start sharing.

We might not look so merry today, but I believe with your involvement, we can make this site as comfort as what our own cribs.

As appreciation to article submitters, 1SuperKids is giving free ads space and nice tokens for those who meet these criteria:

  1. 1 article submission in a month – automatic membership with 1Super Kids.
  2. 3 article submission in a month – Free Ad space for your personal blog.
  3. 5 article submission in a month – Free Ad space for your blogshop.
  4. 7 article submission in a month – Get featured in 1Super Kids special entry.
  5. 10 article submission in a month – Chance to be 1Super Kids columnist!
  6. The best article of the month – Token of appreciation from 1Super Kids (will be announce accordingly) and this cute badge to be put on your blog.


This is the time to raise up your knowledge in bringing our dear kids to be a Superkids. And here is the place where the Superkids unite!! 1Superkids

*who knows your blog traffic will raise up to the top also....??

1 comment:

  1. menarik jer bunyinya.. thanks for the info

    tp kakyong la ni terpaksa melimitasikan diri masa bertenet... sbb
    (1) nak siapkan akaun pijakin secepat mung,
    (2) nak buat projek cross-stitch..


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