Thursday, December 24, 2009

Smart Child : Parents Care Determines The Success


*This is my entry to 1Superkids

One day, Asmaa' saw her father eating a piece of gambier. My husband heard that gambier can lowered the risk to get diabetic. Then she asked, "Abah, tu apa?" and my husband said, "Inilah gambir" and then I tell them that gambier is like a medicine to abah. Then my husband offer them to taste the gambier and they start to make a funny face when they get a taste.

Only then, Asmaa' start to ask, "Apa dia buat kat dalam perut??" We start to look to each other and seriously I don't know how to answer that simple question come from a 5 years old kid. Wow, what a Superkids I have huh?? My husband lastly answered her, "Owh, gambir tu nanti tolak peluh keluar dari badan sampai abah jadi sihat dan kuat!!" He act like a body builder in front of my kids and they start to laugh.

After that, I asked my husband, "Is it true??" and he said at least he has the answer rather than we neglect that question with silent. Yeah, this is not the first time we feel like we swallow our own tongue before answering their simple question. But they really like a sponge when they absorb what we tell them.

As a parent, we have to build up their mind and we have to use the first 10 year to optimized their thinking ability. Don't think things are to heavy, the first thing we have to do is only a basic things.
  • speak to them - eventhough you think your kid is still a baby but just talk to them. I usually found a child to a housewife or maybe a WAHM will talk faster than a child to a working mother. Maybe it is because their mother talk more with them compare to working mum or maybe they have a lot of time to watch drama with their mother :P !
  • sing with them - a familiar lullaby that we use to sing is, 'tepuk amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu, tepuk biar pandai, nanti umi upah susu...susu lemak manis, santan kelapa muda, adik jangan nangis, umi nak buat kerja'. Well even this is a simple song but still they have a lot to learn from here. First is the language, follow by the rhythm. They can also found Pantun dua kerat in it. Besides, they will learn that they must not cry so that their mother can do blogging another house work. Owh, I really love it when Asmaa', Usamah and Uwaiys sing this song to console Arwa when she was a baby. By singing this simple song, they will also build their listening skill and memory.
  • counting - count their button, the stairs that they climb, their fingers and maybe how many spoon they swallow could be. Plus, we can teach them counting in multi language also!
  • drawing - let them hold a pencil colour and start to sketch with their own way. You can see other parents in conteng-conteng apreciate their kid's drawing.
My Arwa is only 1 year 10 month when she first try to help me to wash the dishes. She act like a senior assisstant to me when she start to help me in almost all of the homework. Well, actually what she think is everything that I did is a toy and they want to pay with it also!! She will be at the same place where I sweep and mop the floor.

She will help me to keep the cloth that I folded and she will smile happily if I praise and thanks her. When we fold the cloth for example, we can teach them what colour is the cloth, what kind of the cloth and whose cloth is that. Usually she was happy to answer my question and sometime she asked me to confirm. That is what your 2 years kid do..

Different to my 3 years cute son Uwaiys, he started to combine words to a sentence. Sometimes the sentence is really funny and we love to hear what he say. He started to make friends with my customer and their kids. He love to run here and there and he really enjoy it when we bring him out to the play park.

My 4 years Usamah is like his sister Asmaa. They started to be a 'detective Conan'. As I mentioned earlier, sometime we cannot believe that they will ask the question. They really want to know about that and we as a parents have to adequate our answering skill. Most of the time, I will use picture from Mr Google to make they understand things.

Actually we are trying to be a best teacher to our 4 (5 in Feb 2010 insya ALLAH) superkids. It is really a challenging part of my life. Working and be with them at the same time really make me like a robot but to see their ability to grow as a smart people is our highest ambition. This is my effort and how about yours?

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  1. salam siti.....sometimes susah kita nak memahami budak2...macam anak2 saya....setiap pertanyaan anak2 perlu ada jawapan yg munasabah...kalau tersilap jawab atau tak jawab...mereka akan mengikut atau mencari jawapan sendiri...silap hari bulan terpesong....


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