Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ahmadi Sudah Sihat & Arwa Diapers Free


Mungkin saatnya entry ni dipam keluar, Ahmadi dah betul2 sihat sepenuhnya. Demam campak I guess... sebab selepas demam reda, abis naik ruam penuh satu badan. Gambar ni gambar baju baru Mak Tok bagi balik dari Mekah. Tenkiyu M.Caq...semua baju2 yang maktok beli suit them well. Maka terbuktilah kini, I am no more 'anak emas' in my family. My kids take my place suda!!

And a month before, Arwa sudah officially free diapers. ummi & abah won't point each other & fight who has to wash your mucuk CD anymore. Suprisingly, tak sampai 5 kali pun dia terbabas di atas lantai & kurang 5 kali juga we have to wash the toto. So, this proves that kids (girls) wearing cloth diaper learn to poo & pee in toilet faster (I compare my Asmaa' & Arwa). Plus, if we compare between boys & girls, the boys learn faster I guess..

Every morning Arwa will ask, "Umi, jom pergi rumah opah?"
Wohoho..umi miss P.Buntar (opah & tokki actually) also..
a few more weeks to go

What is the motif?
1. Here is the place where I sent my car and that must be the last time. Only have 2 worker & they act like 'pemalas'. Please take note that when I take this picture, it is not Ramadhan yet! I have to wait 2 & a half hour to see my Kelisa to be wash. Unluckily, they didn't reach my expectation even 40%! (You know that I'm not the cerewet one). The place is area Jerteh... dah la tinggal Ahmadi kat mertua...waaa...

2. new crocs style shoes :P I love it! If only the shoes is in black...huhuhu

3. While waiting for the kids cuci my Kelisa, I noticed this blog
I think the owner should update the blog with his article from Utusan. 


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