Monday, August 03, 2009

Playschool @ Home


This is an entry on how u can create a playschool @ home. Somehow, parents like to discuss about homeschool and I'm not going to destroy their interest but this is one part of homeschooling. Our child is not a robot that can always mengadap buku. They need to play and at the same time learn something from what they are playing.

With some planning, we can create the playschool environment right under our roof! Here is some of the step b4 u start ur playschool :

  • Start by drawing up daily schedule that is comfortable for U and ur child
  • U can have "lessons" three to five times a week, each lasting approximately two to three hours. But I like Mamafiza's idea when she teach each of her child in only 10-20 minutes time per day. I did the same to.
  • Ensure there is fair time for both indoor and outdoor activities, time for rest and snacks.
  • Make sure playtime is after breakfast or a snack as a hungry child will not be responsive to play.
  • Usually better results are achieved if there are two kids or more. So, if U have only one child, invite a friend's child over.
  • Get down on the floor and play along with them!
I think parents with 8-4 working hours will find this idea hard enough but U still have time b4 Maghrib. But U have to do more planning and preparation for a week or maybe U can just wake up a bit early in the morning and prepare what will both U and ur child play that evening. Not only the CEO of a big company should have schedule. We as a parent have to put priority in giving lesson to our child as a big world agenda so that one day maybe our kids will be 'somebody' to this world.

Well, I still got hutang dgn this blog readers on how am I 'susun jadual' for my kids. Owh, because now I am under 'mabuk2' condition, so I didn't follow my schedule to much. N today I upah helper to help me to clean my house. I will share that schedule in few days but please forgive me because for now, the thing is only on the paper. I'm in process to follow the schedule especially the part of learning process of my dear kids.

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