Saturday, August 01, 2009

Stay-Home Fun


Sudah lama saya sibukkan diri dengan contest lah, pasal kemalasan diri lah...mcm orang yang tidak optimis lah pulak kan? Sekarang saya mau syoh-syoh semua daki jahat yang menempel2 dalam diri saya dengan menaip kata2 perangsang buat diri sendiri sambil mencari idea2 yang fresh so that saya akan bermula semula dengan diri saya yang baru!! Yeyyyy...

How to make our child fun while they only stay at home? Bukan nak suruh mereka duduk senyap je dalam rumah tanpa XTVT. We have to create a few activities so that they won't get bored staying at home. To create this, it does require more time, energy and dedication but the results are worth the effort. Kan kakyong and Hanz? All we as a parents need is lots of patience and willingness to play along with them.

A child developmentalist said, flexibility is the key to preparing a good home routine four children below four. She also explains that there will be certain days when they may enjoy quiet activities while in other times, they can have their outdoor activities. Communication between us and our child is essential so we can tuned to their mood and needs. So, if they show signs of boredom or fatigue, maybe we can give them a short break and maybe change the current XTVT.

So, I think this is some ideas to make my home as fun as a playschool :
  • Easy Jigsaws - Paste a picture of a cartoon figure or whatever onto a piece of hard cardboard and cut it up into 4-6-8 piece simple sections. I prefer to use the picture that they coloured it nicely. Do take note, U must cut it into very simple sections so that ur child can easily piece the jigsaw together. Start with 4 pcs and later upgrade the number of the pieces.
  • Stack 'Em Up - Kids can play stacking with the things in the home such as books, small boxes (like Izue did with his Adam), cassette tapes (if u still keep them), CD covers or whatever. The easiest way is buy for them colourful building blocks and let them build their own building, ship, robot or whatever..
  • To The Market - First, get ur child's help to trace out some coins with colours and cut them out. Then, we can act as a shopkeeper or maybe a book seller and sell them the things. Wah...they will learn how to shop at the same time.
  • Splashing In Water - I like kakyong's idea very much. Actually we got the place but sadly we don't have the plastic pool. Well abah, maybe we have to ready some budget for this idea or if U don't like it, maybe we can buy a bigger bucket. Then, give them some empty containers (memang banyak kat umah sampai takde tempat nak letak) and maybe later they will learn how to make teh tarik with it! Please supervised them if U like this idea.
  • Reading Fun - I hope I can have 10 minutes to read them a book or a chapter from a book. This is important to expose them to the world of books and knowledge. Ya ALLAH, help me...
  • Sand Play - When we still at their age, we also like to play sand rite? Thanks to ALLAH if u have garden so that ur child can sink their plastic trowels or maybe their own fingers. To me, I have to find a few pots filled with soil. Leave one or two pots empty so they can have fun transferring sand from one pot to another.
Owh kids, I wish I can discipline myself to be 3-4 hours a day playing with U all. Frens, do U have brilliant idea than my silly ideas?? Please share...

*I wonder how Hanz N Mommy Lyna choose to write their entry in English!! I still prefer my own language in my writing to make more people understand what am I 'bebel'ing :P

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