Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Am I Eligible To Become A Contributor to MBP?


I'm quite certain that many of us knew about this new MBP's project. MBP is searching for 10 guest bloggers that will be known as MBP Contributors. This is what I quote from MBP :

If you think you have a bit passion in writing and would love to share your experience in blogging/working at home/make money blogging with other mommies, we invite you to become MBP Contributors.

It is an appreciation if we can write in MBP. Well, it is not about the reward points but it is another step that I grab in blogging. Plus, we have to write in English. I am a moderate in writing in Malay but I still wan to try my best in this program. So, how about U? Don't U want this Badge in your blog?


I think this is the best step for MBP in enliven the writing style plus we can get acquainted with others. We can share what is good and what is not in blogging. Blogging is actually a good step to earn more money. Moreover, if U are a working at home mom or are deciding to be one, U have to have your own models and here, we can get more testimonial from blogging mother.

So, will you join me? Just follow the direction in this link and we will undergo an online interview before Ros select the 10 MBP contributors. But remember, if U have been chosen, U have to do your best or Ros will kick U out!!! :P

*mm..korang faham ke apa kawe tulis??hahahaha....boleh muntah darah kalau kawe jadi penulis MBP...

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