Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big Cellophane Tape Usage To Me


Don't be scared to have many child if U read this entry. I don't mean to tell you that if U have many child, U will face this. But it really happened to my life. This big cellophane tape really help me most of the time. How about you??

It helps me to patch my rubber mats

When they torn their book, I use this to stick them back

My husband use this to attach a tissue whenever the bloodsucker attack him. The picture?? Sorry..sensored :P

I use it to close the ant's path hole...hahahaha

Thanx to U my lovely cellophane tape...and u too mr scissors

*apakehalnya entry in English, amik mood nak buat another entry in English lorss...


  1. Kreatif betul! Tahniah...heheee...


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