Monday, December 21, 2009

Think Positive : Prime Strategy To Success


Have you ever heard about this hadith:

"Careful with your thought because it will produce words,
Careful with your words because it will produce deeds,
Careful with what you do as it will produce habits,
Careful with your habits because it will shape your character,
Careful with your characters because it will determine your direction, joy or disastrous"

We are not only consists of physical body but we are made up by a collection of emotional, spritual and intellectual. According to the hadith above, we can see that what appears in our spritual part will appear in our daily behavior.

There are many study that tell nobody with the negative thinking will success. How it could be? When they think about something, what they can see is the barrier in his way to success. His focus is only the failure and thats what he get. Now, compare two employees which is one of them always get the promotion but another one seems really hard to get it? Did they have the same pattern thinking?

Those who succeed still met with obstacles in their effort but they will not blame anybody. What are they focusing is how they can repair the failure with what thy have in their own hands. So do we, if we have the positive thinking, it will bring us to the success. I am sure that think positive is not easy. Satan will always bring down our spirit. But, we have to put high effort to say no to satan whisper.

  • Make a decision to do your own thinking and have control over your attitude - think of what you can do today and how you will make a difference to your life instead of allowing people and situations to dictate
  • Associate and mix around with people who can provide something value - I'm sorry to say that most Malay always don't like other Malay to get succeed. I have a big example, my husband always ask 'somebody' where he get the turkey stock, but the man always answer "From a friend." Whats wrong if you answer like this, "I get the think from Ali, his house is near the river. Do you want th phone number?" but it never happened until my husband found the supplier by moving slowly with the car from a village to a village to search the farming area. What a bad attitude! So mix around with people who can help you inspire your inner motivation.
  • Avoid feeling sorry for yourself - it is just a part of life. Feeling sorry for yourself only wastes precious brainpower. Everyone have to face the tough times at some face it!
  • Start saying positive things especially about yourself - start saying 'Yes I can!' rather than 'alamak matila aku kali ni...'
  • Read more - so you will get new ideas, you will found others also face the same thing as you and you will realized we will go through the tough time easier.
I dedicate this entry to WAHM to be. It is really hard to make decision to quit from your job. But if you get more benefit by doing this, don't be afraid. May ALLAH help our journey to success.

Last but not least, remember this :
  • Nobody's perfect
  • Everyone makes mistakes
  • Bad thing happen to good people
  • Your mind determine your life


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